Saturday, February 1, 2014

Comfort Food- 1 Thambou Singju

Thambou Singju
Recently I met my dear fren 'CT' and the first thing she said was 'Why did you never made singju for me?'. I laughed and said because I never had the right ingredients while we were in Hague but I promised that I will make it for her very soon once I procure all the ingredients including Thambou and even Thoiding. We make different kind of singju (Manipuri salad mixed with herbs, chillies and sometimes with Ngari) but Thambou Singju reminds me of my childhood and the uncountable times I have had this comfort food with Aloo-saak, the combination of these two item was lethal, it still is :).

Thambou or Kamal Kakdi (in hindi) is available in many vegetable market in Delhi most of the vegetable stalls/shops in INA Market stock Thambou and even my neighborhood vegetable vendor sells it, in fact INA market sells almost all the Manipuri vegetables, which make me double happy whenever I visit the market. Before making it for 'CT' I decided to make it for myself and it was quite good. The recipe is below:

1. Thambou (Kamal Kakdi/Lotus Root)
3.Spring onion
4. Toningkhok (Houttuynia cordata- Roots and leaves)
5. Thoiding asuba
6. Besan (Lightly roasted)
8.Salt to taste

  • Finely (as fine as possible) chop the cabbage,spring onion, Toningkhok and thinly slide the Thambou.
  • In a plate/bigger bowl mix the chili with salt and add the chopped vegetables, mix the ingredients well and add Thoiding and Besan, mix all the ingredients again and garnish with coriander leaves (optional). 
Enjoy the super healthy and yummy Singju. 

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